“It took a while for me to figure out what my goal should be and Ros helped me to work this out in a natural way. My goals were about using my time more efficiently and rediscovering dormant creative gifts. Finding some discipline was a huge part of this. Whereas before I spent a great deal of my free time watching television, I now write and record songs regularly and I also have begun art classes. I find I no longer watch TV to relax, which was my initial problem, given that I have a very busy job and err towards collapsing on the sofa at the end of the day. I also really appreciated Ros helping me identify my limiting beliefs – often things like ‘I never finish anything’. Sessions were fun and supportive and sometimes involved a complete turnaround. Ros is very positive, encouraging and practical.” LF, Oxford

Sessions were fun and supportive and sometimes involved a complete turnaround…

“I contacted Ros for some coaching when I was off work due to stress and had lost my way a little with what career I was after. The exercises Ros gave me really helped me think about what I was looking for in a job and what suited my personality and passion. Through the coaching I had the confidence to end the job which wasn’t right for me and go for a job that I really wanted – and got it! Now I am happily in a job which suits my character and which challenges and energises me. Ros helped me to realise this and also understand the importance of a work/life balance. I am very grateful to Ros and her coaching as it helped me hugely in a time of career crisis.” JS, Cardiff

Ros helped me hugely at a time of career crisis

“I found the coaching sessions with Ros very valuable as they really helped find clarity on the issues that I raised. I valued the space to discuss things and felt listened to and supported. This helped me identify what it was I really wanted to achieve. I found that Ros’s questions help me work out clear and manageable steps forward. At the end of the sessions I had a clear plan of what I was going to do, which felt manageable which I then went and did rather than just worrying and doing nothing!” JC, Gloucester

I had a clear plan of what I was going to do

“I really enjoyed these coaching sessions and have found them extremely helpful in terms of articulating goals and brainstorming actions. As a result of these sessions I can point to several areas of my personal and professional life where my practice has altered in a way that is helping me achieve goals I’d previously left to languish due to procrastination. Coaching has helped me to clarify my own priorities in my work and home life, and encouraged a more intentional and creative approach towards their pursuit. I have also appreciated the accountability and follow-up dimension of the sessions, not to mention the satisfaction that comes from seeing progress and traction as a result.” PD, Clevedon

Coaching has helped me to clarify my own priorities in my work and home life

“I found Ros very easy to talk to and she quickly gained a grasp of what I was trying to achieve. Ros helped me to set realistic goals in my sessions and put strategies in place in order to achieve more balance in my life, as well as tackle a backlog of things I had been putting off for some time. Ros helped me explore options I would not have thought of otherwise and also helped me to see things from a different perspective. This has helped me enormously in moving me forward in my life and work. I found the exercises she set so helpful in facilitating me to reflect further and raise my self-awareness. Thanks for being a great coach Ros and for all your help!” KT, Cheltenham