Green Business Principles

During my work as a Careers Guidance Professional I developed an interest and expertise in the Youth Labour Market. It was through this that I woke up to the implications of the threat of climate change on the world of work, both then and for future generations. Since then I have endeavoured to reduce my own impact on the planet both in my lifestyle and life choices as well as in business.

Enroute Coaching has adopted a business ethic based on Permaculture:

“Earth Care, People Share, Fair Share”

Adopting and maintaining sustainable practices is a work in progress but this is where I’ve got to:


I use recycled stationery and business cards
I recycle all paper, cardboard and cartridges
I recycle stamps
I re-use envelopes where possible


I use Public Transport or walk where possible
I share an Electric car with my husband (Renault Zoe)

  • I buy local, fair trade or organic as much as possible
  • I have reduced my meat consumption and am eating more vegetarian/vegan meals
Finance and Purchasing:
  • I buy recycled paper and office materials where available
  • I use a green energy tariff for electricity
  • I use a green web hosting company to power my website
  • I have an affordable payment policy to enable fair access to all potential clients
  • I bank with an organisation with sound environmental principles which doesn’t invest in fossil fuels
  • I have started to off-set my annual business carbon footprint through Climate Stewards
 Ethical Policy:
  • I monitor conflicts of interest with clients
  • I aim to be carbon neutral and look for opportunities to off-set where I know I’ve fallen short