Enroute Coaching Privacy Policy

Enroute Coaching Privacy Notice
Contact Ros Durrant on email at rmdurrantenroute@gmail.com; by mobile on 07580479452
For general information: Website: www.enroutecoaching.co.uk
This privacy notice lets you know how Enroute Coaching collects and processes your personal information in compliance with the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Protection Regulation (2018). If you have questions or concerns with the way your data is used please contact Ros Durrant (see details above) so that any concerns can be resolved as quickly as possible. However, whilst it is hoped that it won’t be necessary, you can also contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) directly to make a complaint (see their website www.ico.org.uk).
What personal information does Enroute Coaching collect?
Enroute Coaching only holds the minimum confidential information necessary to deliver its professional coaching services. Initially at the enquiry stage this involves you providing your email and/or telephone details. If you decide to purchase coaching services from Enroute Coaching, we then discuss and agree a bespoke contract with you, which is stored electronically. It is at this stage that we draw your attention to Enroute Coaching’s Privacy information, Confidentiality and Code of Conduct details. Additional contact information may be required such as personal address or skype details at this stage. Enroute Coaching does not share these details with any third parties. PDF Invoices are sent with our bank details as most of our clients pay by bank transfer but there is also the option of paying by cash or cheque. We do not require standing orders or direct debits to be set up and therefore have minimal access to your financial details. We do not sell anything through the website. After a coaching session Enroute Coaching keeps brief anonymised notes about the personal goal being worked on and the agreed client actions. For those using the Morrisby Career Matching programme, Enroute Coaching has access to the clients final Career report. When a coaching contract comes to an end, voluntary feedback sheets are sent out. Where this provides a positive testimony to our work, we request permission from you to use this on the Enroute Coaching website.
How does Enroute Coaching use your personal information?
The majority of the information we hold is for communication purposes only. The notes from individual coaching sessions serve as an aide memoir for the coach (Ros Durrant) prior to the next session and for her own reflective professional practice. The coach receives bi-monthly supervision but any client or situation discussed is anonymised and is for the sole purpose of helping the coach improve professional practice. We retain client feedback sheets (electronic) to help improve our service offer. Client testimonies are included on the website only where written client permission has been given. We are required by the terms of our professional liability and indemnity insurance to retain client records for 5 years.
Updating and Changing Circumstance: We are committed to regularly review and, where necessary, update the privacy information for Enroute Coaching. However, there are no current plans to use your personal data in any other way than described above. Should changes occur these will be posted on the Enroute Coaching website and, where appropriate, sent out to current clients.
How does Enroute Coaching secure your personal data?
Enroute Coaching uses password protection and two-factor authentication for all its electronic files held on computer, which it regularly updates. No paper files with personal data are kept. All electronic files are backed up.
What are my legal rights regarding personal information held by Enroute Coaching?
You have a right to request details of any personal information held by Enroute Coaching; to have information rectified if you feel it is incorrect and to withdraw consent for it to be held at all if no legitimate reason can be proven for it to be held. You have a right to expect your data to be protected and stored safely. You have a right for your data not to be shared with third parties unless you request otherwise. You have a right to complain if you feel there has been a data breach of your personal information (see Introduction). Enroute Coaching has a duty to report any breaches to the ICO and to affected clients. Further information about your personal information held with Morrisby can be found through the following links: https://www.morrisby.com/GDPR https://www.morrisby.com/privacy

Privacy Information updated 27th September 2018 by RMD